Essential oil blends made professionally are available for purchase here. Professional blends are perfectly balanced and designed for a specific physical, emotional or mental purpose.

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  • Abundance Essential Oil easily helps us manifest prosperity and attract wealth into our lives! More here.

    • $50.00
  • Acceptance Essential Oil helps us to accept change and transitions easier. Also helps with procrastination, denial and rejection.

    • $53.95
  • Aroma Life Essential Oil has four essential oils. More here...

    • $64.80
  • Aroma Siez Essential Oil blend is excellent for soothing muscle discomfort after exercise.

    • $42.76
  • Australian Blue Essential Oil contains rare Blue Cypress from Australia and other therapeutic oils. Calming and stabilizing effects.

    • $91.12
  • Brain Power Essential Oil is a powerful blend that I can't live without. Use it for improving focus and giving your brain a boost with essential oils that are high in sesquiterpenes.

    • $87.83
  • Breathe Again Essential Oil is a great blend that supports normal breathing. More here...

    • $34.87
  • Citrus Fresh Essential Oil freshens the air and brings mental clarity! Diffuse it to ease the stress of the day! More here...

    • $20.07
  • Clarity Essential Oil is a great blend for improving mental focus and occasional forgetfulness. It also helps with other fatigue and mental accuracy! I use it for training horses and riders! More here...

    • $54.93
  • Common Sense Essential Oil is a blend that supports us in making the best decisions for that will support us in our higher good. It helps with mental fatigue and alertness as well.  More here...

    • $46.71
  • Deep Relief Essential Oil was designed specially formulated to relieve muscle discomfort after exercise. Roll-on for easy use! More here...



    • $36.18
  • Di-Gize Essential Oil supports emotional processing. Use for your animals also. Learn more here!

    • $44.00
Items: 112 of 143, per page