Children's Essential Oils Products and Baby Products are here including children skin care products, toothpaste for children, diaper rash cream and bath gel. All products do not contain any synthetic materials which are the source of most children and baby skin allergies!
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  • KidScents® Slique Fluoride Free Toothpaste for children made with Thieves oil blend tastes great while cleaning and supporting oral health. The kids love it!!!

    • $9.87
  • KidScents Essential Oil Bath Gel contains essential oils that are soft and gentle on our childrens skin. Contains MSM, aloe vera, cedarwood and geranium oils.

    • $21.38
  • KidScents Natural Essential Oil Shampoo for children is very gentle and pH balanced; and of course has no synthetic chemicals or compounds. Contains MSM, aloe vera, tangerine, lemon essential oils and more.

    • $21.69
  • KidScents Natural Essential Oil Body Lotion for dry skin in children, softens, protects and moisturizes. This lotion is made from natural organic botanicals, not laboratory made synthetics.  Contains MSM, aloe vera, shea butter, cedarwood, geranium essential oils  -  safe children skin care products.

    • $29.28
  • KidScents®  Natural Essential Oil Diaper Ointment Tender Tush nourishes and protects skin; and moisturizes baby dry skin. Contains coconut oil, almond oil, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, lavender essential oils and more. Mom can use it for stretch marks too!

    • $36.51
  • MightyZyme Protease Children's Digestive Enzyme Supplement contains powerful enzymes that support healthy digestion.

    • $52.30
  • MightyVites Childrens All Natural Chewable Vitamins come from whole food sources and are designed to fill in the gaps of children's dietary needs. Supplements nutritional requirements required for proper children's development. Yummy berry flavor!

    • $52.30
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    KidScents Essential Oil Kit for Children designed specifically for children's most common issues. Contains Six-5 ml Blends: GeneYus™, Owie™, Bite Buster™, TummyGize™, SniffleEase™, and SleepyIze™.

    • $157.57
  • KidScents GeneYus Essential Oil for Children is an excellent blend to diffuse to inspire young minds to focus and concentrate on projects, during sports, studing and more! Learn more here...

    • $59.21
  • KidScents Owie Essential Oil for Children improves the appearance of children's skin. Releases stress associated with owies and/or hurts. Learn more here...

    • $41.45
  • KidScents SleepyIze Essential Oil for Children is perfect to wind down before bed time. It promotes relaxation and quietness; and a peaceful environment. Learn more here...

    • $24.95
  • KidScents SniffleEase Essential Oil for Children is refreshing and uplifting blend. Learn more here...

    • $24.00
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