About Experience Essential Oils

About Nan Martin and Experience-Essential-Oils.com

The idea for this site came to me 2007 when I was researching essential oils. At the time I was at the early stages of my journey, and I needed to stay focused on learning not building a website.

In 2009, the company I selected to develop my website, Site Build It (SBI), started an instructor based course that would walk you through building your website. I knew immediately this was for me and that it was time to move forward. I signed up for the course and well built my website!

I wanted to create a website that was easy and fun to use for not only those who used essential oils, but for those in search of hope and opportunity that didn't know anything about the oils.

Most of the oil sites are set up so you need to have some knowledge of the oil you are looking for. Here I present the most common challenges people have today and then match the oils to help those challenges. The information comes from over thirty different books, my own and others people’s experiences.

Once people have good quality information, then they can choose their way. Most of the time, people choose an oil for themselves or their animal; but I can also intuitively select oils for people and their pets during intuitive sessions. Either way you will love your experience!

I wish you all the best in your journey to physical and emotional freedom. I like to think of life as an exciting treasure hunt! You will never know what you will find or who you will meet! There may be some bumps and bruises but remember it usually is followed by another key clue to the treasure!

Go to main website for more detailed information about how to use the oils and what to use them for! Sections for essential oils for dogs, horses and cats too!